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What is THM's publishing model?

By adjusting the financial model to allow authors to invest upfront in production costs, we offer a path to higher royalties and greater control over their work. This approach enables us to maintain our dedication to quality, while empowering more authors to publish successfully and share in the rewards of their hard work.

How does THM vet and select manuscripts for publication?

Ten Hut Media carefully vets and selects manuscripts with a keen eye for originality, quality, and alignment with our values, ensuring we collaborate with authors whose stories, whether groundbreaking fiction, insightful nonfiction, or compelling memoirs, truly stand out and have the potential to impact readers.

Can you describe THM's commitment to transparency in its business practices?

Ten Hut Media's commitment to transparency is not just a principle; it's a practice inherited from Severn River Publishing's long-standing tradition of open communication and integrity. With a track record of successful partnerships reflected in our published works and author testimonials, Severn River Publishing has set the industry standard for trust and transparency, a legacy that THM proudly continues, ensuring authors are fully informed and confident throughout their publishing journey.

What does a typical contract with THM look like, and how negotiable are the terms?

A typical contract with Ten Hut Media is designed to offer clarity and fairness, outlining specific details such as royalty percentages, rights distribution, and production responsibilities. Terms like a 90% royalty rate on net receipts for standalone titles and 75% for series under our profit-share program illustrate our commitment to author success. While our contracts are based on standard industry practices to ensure consistency and quality, we approach each author relationship with flexibility, understanding that every publishing journey is unique. This means we're open to discussing and negotiating terms to best align with the author's goals and the mutual success of both parties.

Under which imprints does THM publish, and do you use your own ISBNs?

Ten Hut Media exclusively publishes under its own imprint, focusing on a unified approach to branding and marketing for each title. By utilizing our own ISBNs, we ensure a professional publishing process that adheres to industry standards, enhancing the visibility and marketability of our authors' works across all major sales channels.

How does THM maintain industry-standard quality in editorial, design, and production?

Ten Hut Media ensures industry-standard quality by collaborating with experienced editors and designers, adhering to a strict quality assurance process. Our commitment to excellence in editorial, design, and production standards guarantees that every book we publish is of the highest quality, ready to compete in the global market.

What types of publishing rights does THM manage, and how does this benefit authors?

Ten Hut Media focuses on signing rights for eBook, audio, and print formats, tailoring each contract to the specific publication plan. For audio rights, if an author prefers not to produce an audio version, or if we are unable to license those rights, we commit to reverting any unexploited rights back to the author. This ensures authors retain maximum control and flexibility over their work.

What distribution services does THM provide to its authors?

Ten Hut Media provides comprehensive distribution services, closely working with authors to tailor our approach to each book's specific needs and the author's vision. Our distribution network includes major online retailers, physical bookstores, libraries, and audiobook platforms. We customize the go-to-market strategy for each title, such as opting for exclusive eBook distribution platforms when it aligns with the author's goals and is likely to enhance profitability. This ensures that our distribution maximizes visibility and sales opportunities across various channels and formats, in harmony with the author's objectives.

Can THM share examples of successful sales figures for its published titles?

While THM values transparency and cannot promise specific sales figures or bestseller status, our foundation is built on Severn River Publishing's history of successful publications. This wealth of experience guides our tailored approach to marketing and distribution, designed to support our authors' unique goals. Our commitment lies in leveraging this expertise to assist our authors in achieving their desired outcomes, whatever they may be.

How does THM's royalty structure compare to standard industry rates?

THM's royalty structure is designed to be highly competitive, offering authors significantly higher rates than standard industry practices. With 90% royalties on net receipts for standalone titles and 75% royalties on net profit for series under our profit-share program, our model reflects a commitment to ensuring authors receive a substantial share of the success of their work. We are able to do this because authors are financing their own up-front production. This approach stands in contrast to the more traditional publishing models, where royalties typically range from 10% to 25% of net receipts, highlighting THM's dedication to author-centric financial terms.