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Your Book, Our Mission

At Ten Hut Media (THM), a subsidiary of Severn River Publishing, we blend traditional publishing's attention to detail with the flexibility of hybrid models. We recognize the evolving media landscape's demands on authors. While self-publishing offers the most control, it requires a significant investment of time and expertise. THM is an experienced partner that allows your book to reach its fullest potential.

Customized Publishing Options

If your work is accepted by our submissions team, THM offers two distinct publishing options:

  • For standalone titles, authors receive 90% royalties on net receipts, with marketing support available as a separate service.
  • For series titles, authors may be eligible for our Series Profit-Share Program, which offers 75% royalties on net profit, inclusive of comprehensive marketing support.

Leverage Our Proven Track Record

Drawing from Severn River Publishing's commitment to crafting quality titles—bestsellers on Amazon Charts, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today lists—THM maintains this same high standard. Our authors benefit directly from this expertise, receiving the same caliber of publishing and marketing performance.

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