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Palm Beach Blues

Palm Beach Blues

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A Palm Beach real estate scam has sucked in investors from around the world. And when one of the scammers is taken out by a deadly drone, the suspect list is long.

As Crawford explains to his boss, Norm Rutledge: “We got Chinese, we got Iranians, we got not one but two Indian chiefs. We got car salesmen, we got real-estate developers, we got accountants, we got ex-girlfriends, we got executive assistants, we got mafiosi, we got Triads—” he glanced back at Ott—“I leave anybody out, Mort?”

“You forgot the chick whose dog got hung from the garage door.”

Rutledge’s face morphed into a bewildered frown. “Jesus?”

"No,” Ott said, stone-faced. “He didn’t make the list.”